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Who's Who

Our staff team is made up of 5 teachers, 7 Teaching Assistants,  2 administrative staff, 7 part time and full time Mid-day Supervisory Assistants (MDSAs).

Teaching Staff-

Head Teacher:
Mrs J. Lewis - B.A. (Hons), P.G.C.E.   N.P.Q.H.
Mrs M Salen, B.Ed. Primary Hons
Holly Class


Mrs  C. Kitts B.A. (Hons ) P.G.C.E.

Mrs  A. Wallis  B.A. (Hons), P.G.C.E.

Mrs P. Lander, B.A. (Hons) P.G.C.E.

Holly Class

Willow Class


Thorn Class

Miss R. Curtis B.A. (Hons) P.G.C.E.


Thorn Class


Support Staff
School Business Manager:


Mrs. S. Wall MAAT
Clerical & Finance Assistant:


Mrs L. Lewis



Teaching Assistants:





Mrs. L. May (maternity cover)

Mrs. H. Barnett (maternity cover)


Mrs  K. Tayler (maternity leave)


Mrs S. Spencer (1:1 TA)


Mrs. G. Sandell (1:1 TA)

Holly Class


Holly Class


Holly Class


Holly Class


Mrs J. Laing NVQ3


Mrs. J. Paget, NVQ3


Willow Class


Thorn Class

Mrs L. Lewis


Mrs  B. Moule

Thorn Class


All classes








School Cook

Mid-day Supervisors:
Mrs. J  Haddrell

Mrs A. Harris

Mr P. Harris

Mrs M. Hibbard
Mrs N. Marsh
Mrs  B. Moule


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