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Welcome to St Nicholas VC Primary School

'They will soar on wings like eagles'. Isaiah 40:31

St. Nicholas Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff, governors and volunteers to share this commitment.

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Curriculum Overview - Intent, Implementation and Impact

St. Nicholas Primary School Curriculum Offer

We work within the guidelines set by the Department for Education and follow the National Curriculum in a creative and imaginative way to engage and inspire all learners and to provide opportunities and support so that all children make good progress.


Units of learning are carefully planned and sequenced to ensure that children are able to develop their skills and knowledge in each subject area.  There are regular opportunities to revisit and recap learning in order to embed the relevant skills and knowledge.


Further details of each term's learning plans can be found in the Class Pages in the Children's Section.

Maths learning

At St Nich’s we aim to maximise progress for all children so they become independent, confident (have a go) and adaptable mathematicians with a growth mindset.


The Mastery approach is being adopted in all year groups although this will not look identical in each class or year group because of our mixed year group classes.  In a lesson, teachers will adopt different formats depending on the stage in a unit, children’s progress, the task in hand and which group they feel needs more support to progress.

The Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract approach encourages use of manipulatives across the school. Whilst the National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage (Development Matters Education Programmes) are our basis, our planning and provision are shaped by the White Rose Maths long term planning, units and small steps.


English Plans for supporting Learning

We use Jolly Phonics to teach phonics and fully de-codable reading books to support the development of early reading skills.


To support the development of writing in English and across the curriculum we use the Pie Corbett Story Making Talk 4 Writing approach.