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Expectations for Homework from Thorn Class:

We expect your child to continue to read on a regular basis at home.  This may be individual reading or occasionally with other members of the family.


We also expect children to learn and know their times tables - both multiplication and division.


There may also be presentations set for class performances - these should be practised at home and you may like to encourage them to use prompt cards rather than read a script.  The presentation should be no longer than 3 mins.

There may also be other projects set, especially in science and history.

If your child feels motivated to write, produce powerpoints, etc, we are very pleased to receive them and will endeavour to give time for them to show the class.

Where possible, we encourage the children to have their own memory sticks to enable transfer of information from home to school and visa versa (they are not expensive, but please do label them).