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Willow's Woodland Wanderers

This week was the second session of woodland wanderers for Willow Class and Mrs Warren - it was a very chilly day and the children wrapped up warm for their session.


This week the learning was all about "What if the Gingerbread Man had got away?" we looked at what materials were best for floating and how we could make a raft for our gingerbread men to sail away, Lots of the children thought about tying sticks together and some even made a mast and sails. Some of the boats were really good and kept afloat. We then had homemade Gingerbread and hot choc to warm us up. 


The other group were looking at Natural art and enjoyed making their own, next week we will swop over.


It was also brilliant fun looking and feeling the ice from the puddles and working out how the little air bubbles got in their and how we could keep the pieces of ice from melting in our warm hands!