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School Council

What is the school council?
The school council is a voice for all the children in the school. The school council members were voted in by their classmates. They were chosen because they were trustful, kind, helpful reliable, forgiving, showed they could listen to others and most importantly were selfless.

Why do we have a school council?
We have a school council to give the children in our school the chance to take a lead in making the school a better place. This is important because Article 12 of the International Rights of the Child says that “Children have he right to say what they think should happen when adults are making decisions that affect them and to have their opinions taken into account.”

How the school Council will do this.
  • Asking the children in the school what things could be improved or changed. They will do this through Class council meetings, talking to children, talking to governors and teachers and in their school Council meetings.
  • Making plans or undertaking projects.
  • Finding people to do jobs.
  • Finding money for projects.
  • Organising events and trips.

Who is in the School Council

Two members of each year group are elected on to the school council.