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Welcome to St Nicholas VC Primary School

'They will soar on wings like eagles'. Isaiah 40:31

St. Nicholas Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff, governors and volunteers to share this commitment.

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Willow Class

Welcome to Willow Class 2020 - 2021


Class Teachers  -   Mrs Wallis and Mrs Ball

Teaching Assistants  -  Mrs Laing , Mrs Hames, Mrs Sandell and Ms Sprules

Willow Class Christmas party.

Our class party will be held on the afternoon of Wednesday 16th December, the same day as Christmas lunch if your child has ordered one.

Children can wear their own clothes to school but will not need to bring anything else such as food or games with them.

We will be playing games and having fun - all in accordance with the up to date guidance at the time.

Woodland wanderers 27.11.20 Geography - looking for natural (physical) and man-made features in the landscape around Bromham.

Welcome Ms Sprules.

I am very pleased to welcome Ms Sprules as our new Teaching Assistant in Willow Class. She will be working in Holly Class in the mornings supporting small groups and in Willow Class in the afternoon. Ms Sprules will be replacing Mr Wallis who will be joining Thorn Class. We wish them both well in their new roles.

PE and Woodland Wanderers

Children will not be changing clothes at school so will need to come to school wearing appropriate clothing for PE and Woodland Wanderers. Our aim is to hold as many of these lessons as possible outside so please dress your children appropriately for the weather. This includes joggers, jumper or hoody and trainers for PE and stout footwear, warm socks, layers and waterproof clothing for Woodland Wanderers particularly as the weather gets colder and wetter.


PE will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week.


Woodland Wanderers will be on alternate Fridays on:

13th November

27th November

11th December


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mrs Wallis

Reading books.

Reading books can be changed on Mondays and Thursdays. Please bring your bag and books into school on these days. Returning books will be quarantined and new books will be selected by an adult in the class and put straight into your child's bag.

We would be grateful if you could return reading records to school on Friday 11th December so that we can monitor your child's progress in reading and be able to return them to you by the end of term.

If you have any queries about the books or level your child is reading at, please email the school admin account where I can respond to your query or arrange a time to speak with you after school.

Mrs Wallis

Woodland Wanderers 16.10.20

Today we finished off our Goldilocks unit with some den building (for the three bears) and natural Art.

The Year 4s helped to make a fire and we made some hot chocolate to drink while we listened to our alternative Goldilocks story.


Spellings for all children in Willow will now be tested on a Tuesday  afternoon, a week after they have been handed out to children.

Welcome Mrs Ball

I am very pleased to welcome Mrs Ball as a new teacher in Willow Class. She is a very experienced teacher and she will be teaching on Tuesdays. As well as Maths and English, Mrs Ball will be teaching Art and DT in groups in the afternoons alongside PE lessons. 

Class organisation

As part of our recovery plan, Willow Class will split for the mornings to allow more focus on boosting English and Maths skills in Key Stage groups. 

The Year 3 & 4 children will be joined by the Year 4 children from Thorn Class to form a Lower Key Stage 2 group and will be taught by Mrs Wallis every morning except Tuesdays when Mrs Ball will be in class; while the Year 2 children will be joined by the Year 1s to form a Key Stage 1 group with Mrs Salen on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and Mrs Ball on Thursday and Friday mornings. 

The Year 2 and Year 3 & 4  children will then come back together for the afternoons as Willow Class.

Home Learning


Have a look at some of the websites below to find out more about Kings and Queens. We don't control these websites. Please tell an adult if you see anything that worries you.

Willow class newsletters

Woodland Wanderers

Woodland wanderers will continue throughout Terms 3 & 4 on a fortnightly basis. Please ensure that a change of clothes suitable for the winter weather remains in school at all times.

We welcome helpers for these sessions as having extra adults enables us to walk safely around the village. If you would like to join the class for a Woodland Wanderers session, please speak to a member of staff.


This term's sessions will be on:

6th March

20th March

3rd April

Telling the time - a clock showing 'to' and 'past' minutes

Have a look at some of the websites below to find out more about the World War 2. We don't control these websites. Please tell an adult if you see anything that worries you.

World War 2 recipes.

Topic Term 2 - Japan. Recreating Hokusai's 'Great Wave'.

Tasting sushi and Tofu with soy sauce and wasabi!

Topic Term 1 - The Stone age to the Iron age

Woodland Wanderers 27.9.19. Despite the weather, the children enjoyed playing our 'escape the bear' cave maze game. They looked at how they could move a heavy stone with the use of some (plastic!) logs like the Stone age people did at Avebury. They also started to make some houses using wattle and daub.

Our kick off day! The children tried Art, Poetry, sport and food, all with a stone age theme.

Have a look at some of the websites below to find out more about the Stone age through to the Iron age. We don't control these websites. Please tell an adult if you see anything that worries you.

Woodland Wanderers

will usually take place every Friday afternoon.  Please ensure children have wellies and weather proof clothing to change into for the afternoon.  

Many thanks.